How To Attract More Dates At Plenty Of Fish?



Are you frustrated on spending too much time at your favorite online dating website ‘plenty of fish’ without any major success? If that’s the case, it is now time for you to start learning some tricks as to how you can attract more dates. With the help of these simple tips you’ll be to attract more dates within short span of time.

Most people cannot wait before they could start looking for their potential dates but what they don’t do is that they don’t spend some time in creating quality profile. They do not realize the fact that when they have a good profile, it will be helpful for them in saving quite a bit of time and effort in getting some good dates. In fact, when you have a good profile set up for you, it does most of work and attract more dates than you might have thought.


If you are looking to attract more dates on plenty of fish, you should use some extra pictures on your profile. At POF, you’re allowed to upload eight pictures at most in the profile and you should effectively use this limit. Use different pictures which help in showing the uniqueness of your personality. The effect of using pictures would be a lot more than writing a long description about yourself in “about me” area.


Even though it is great to use so many pictures in the profile, it also has to be ensured that these pictures can very much attract the sort of people you’re interested in. At times, it can’t be said that which pictures have the potential of attracting others and which don’t. Well, you can know the potential of each picture by using the feature of ‘picture rating’ offered by POF. For this, you just have to go to ‘images’ section where you can set all the pictures to get rated. After that, you can come back after one week to see what ratings have your pictures received. If the ratings received are more than 6 then let those pictures stay but if the ratings are below 6 then you should better swap those pictures with new ones.


Another good feature offered by POF website is “Favorites”. When somebody browses for any potential dates they’re given an option of adding people they like into their “Favorites”. What is good about this feature is that you’ll also be able to see people who have added you as favorites. You can use this particular feature for contacting people who attract you and you already know that they have some interest in you as well.


As it’s mentioned above, it’s our profiles that can take care of most of work. But profiles can simply work when they get views. Increasing traffic to your profiles is simply the key here. Here POF forums can help you a great deal. People are quite active on the forums and even a single thread may lead to several thousand views. So, occasionally write posts in forums. Doing so will allow anybody viewing forum threads to view your profile as well as your pictures and their interest can be aroused in you this way. POF login.