Tips To Play And Backgammon For Ipad

If you are interested in understanding the exact method to play backgammon game, you require basic knowledge about the game. youshould understand the method by which this game is played and the rest will be understood when you would face an opponent on the game board. First thing is that you should know that backgammon is a two-player game. It is played on a specially designed board where there are 24 triangular points which are equal in number on both sides of this backgammon board. The points are of different alternate colors and are numbered individually for the players colors.


The players possess fifteen checkers at the start of the game which are of specific color for each player. The players arrange them such that there are 5 pieces of checkers on the point six, 3 checkers on eight-point, at point 13 there should befive pieces and lastly at point 12 there should be the remaining checkers. A set of two dice are used to play this game. While playing this game at backgammon app on your mobile phone the board is arranged already.In order to win the game, both the opponents have to try to bring all or as many checkers as possible into the inner board of their own territory.


The opponents then bear off the checkered points. The player who succeeds in bearing off the checkers before wins the game. This game is very easy to play and once you get used to of playing it with your friends you would want to keep playing it.The first move in this game is selected by rolling one of the dice forward by both of the participants. The player who gets more point upon rolling the dice gets to take his turn first.


While playing backgammon for iPhone with the systemyou and the system act as opponents to each other. In the beginning you would be asked to cast the dice and if both yours and the system’s dice show same number then dice will be rolled again until a decisive score appears before the players. Same is the case with the original game. Both of the players will continue to roll dice unless one of them gets a higher score on dice and the other gets lower score. The game is very easy to understand and there are not hard rules to remember like in case of chess.


All you have to take care of is the removal of checkers from the board as soon as possible and before the enemy removes your checkers. Once you accomplish this task you would be regarded as the winner of the game. Backgammon for iPad is extremely easy to play and it does not take long to fully understand the tricks of the game. If you know when and how to move the appropriate checkers you may win the game in your first try. The only skill crucial and the one which determines the winning capabilities of any player are the numbering skills. backgammon app.