Medical Negligence Solicitors and Legal Claim Costs

Medical negligence is the most demanding law domain. There are a number of cases where medical malpractice law is applicable. Though it can easily be determined whether your claim falls within the realm of this law, still an expert advice and guidance is needed to pursue the case. There are so many technical intricacies involved in medical negligence claims that only specialists can unwind. Thus, before filing a case, it is highly critical to consult an experienced solicitor in this field so that you can proceed on a right track. Legal process can be costly, so you must be sure about the legal worth of your claim prior to risking your money.

There are two basic elements essential for the validity of a medical negligence claim. Firstly, medical practitioners – GP, nurse, dentist, surgeon, and anesthetist, druggist, or lab technician – who are being accused have actually made a mistake. Here mistake refers to medical negligence or act of omission on part of practitioners. Secondly, there must be some injury or harm suffered by the patient due to this medical negligence. Only an expert solicitor can assess whether these elements are present in your claim, if yes then to what extent. Another important thing to notice is the gap between actual malpractice incident and the case filing – since there is a specified time limit in which you can report your claim, you cannot initiate a legal case once that limit is crossed.

This initial assessment of a case is just a tip of the iceberg. After knowing that your injuries were inflicted by doctor’s mistake, actual process starts where you would have to establish your medical negligence claim before the jury. It generally depends upon the evidences that you have to support your case, but how many chances you stand to win the case is also determined by your lawyer. If you have given your case in hands of an expert medical negligence solicitor, you can expect better outcome as experts know how to get through legal hassles and how to maximize the winning chances. Before hiring a legal practitioner it is important to check his field of specialty – as there are different kinds of malpractice cases, it is wise to seek for a lawyer who has experience in similar cases as yours. Relevant experience and knowledge of your solicitor would ensure you success.

Costs are definitely involved in legal cases but for medical negligence claims these costs are born by losing party. However, majority of medical negligence victims keep from reporting their claim just because they fear they will lose their money if they could not win the case. It is a misconception as most of the solicitors and law firms in this domain offer ‘no win no fee’ cases wherein claimants don’t have to pay a single penny for their cases whether they win or lose the case.


There is a special conditional agreement between solicitor and his client for no win no fee claims. However, if you are unlucky to be in a state where no win no fee medical negligence claims are not possible, be prepared to pay big bucks for your case. Sometimes these charges can go beyond the compensation you are expecting for your medical negligence case.