How Lakewood Towing helps you?

Traveling is a luxury for some people while for others it is mere a source of irritation and annoyance. Some people like to travel as much as they would be able to. They love to watch new places and get to know new people. Some people despise traveling and want to travel as less as they can. They tend to avoid going to different places and make sure no one tells them to travel even in emergencies. They do not like to step out of their comfort zone. They prefer staying at home and stay relaxed. However, it is not possible for them to live all of their life without traveling. They need to travel at some point of their lifetime. One thing that is common in the above-mentioned two kinds of people is that they like to travel in a COMFORTABLE way whenever they have to. They both define comfort as Lakewood Towing.



Lakewood Towing was established in the year 1968. The company works for the comfortable journeys of their customers. It works to provide the customers belonging from the south Puget a professional journey towards their destinations. Currently they have employed almost twenty to forty nine employees that make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their services. As the Lakewood Towing has been in the business for like thirty years now, they have started knowing their customers. They know what their customers actually expect from them. They also know what is required to them and what satisfies them. The Lakewood Towing provides the exact required services to the customers. As a result, it has annual revenue of about 500,000 dollars to 1 million dollars.



The Lakewood Towing has trucks that assist the customers towards a comfortable journey. These trucks are almost twenty-six in number. All the trucks are set and are composed of latest as well as safe and secure equipments. The company has every kind of truck be it the heavy racker or the med wreckers, hauler or semi’s. You name it and the company will provide you with a comfortable journey in your favorite truck. There are certain trucks used by the company that can carry as many as five people in them at a time. So, the company also makes sure small families do hire them and have a comfortable journey. The trucks also have radios in them for a fun-filled journey.


Helping you out anytime, anywhere:

Lakewood Towing makes sure that it helps you out if you are stuck in an emergency and have a non-working car even in the center of the road. Many people have issues with their cars that stop working right in the middle of the road. If you are an owner of such car, you must remember the phone number of Lakewood Towing all the time. You can call them any hour of the day and they will come to help you out no matter where you are. They work twenty-four hours a day. The distance does not matter to them. They will reach you in thirty minutes maximum and help you out with your troubling car.For more information visit us