Receding Hair Line In Men And Women – Causes And Solutions


Receding hair lines aren’t something that any man or woman may like to have. No matter what the cause may be, it never feels great to find out that you’ll soon be getting bald. In order to get rid of the problem, it is important to first find out what exactly is the cause behind it.

Genetic loss of hair is can be considered amongst most common reason behind this issue with the hair line. It usually occurs in men as they grow older but sometimes men even start noticing such hair loss in their late teenage years or in early twenties. The reason behind this is too much production of DHT in the body. However, the condition can be treated in different ways and so many creams, pills and shampoos are available for this.

Scalp infections can also cause the hair line to recede. It happens when there is infection in follicle. It may be seen as fungal infection like scalp ringworm. Also, increased levels of stress, depression or anxiety can cause the hair line to recede as well. Good news for you, however, is that if the problem behind the issue is resolved, hair loss can go away. So, you should better be consulting your doctor as soon as the hair loss starts because it can even indicate some serious medical issues like diabetes and thyroid disorders.

Now let’s move towards some of the common solutions that can help you get rid of the hair loss problem that you may be facing.

First solution for you is to take proper diet. It is necessary to eat nutritious food as it will allow you to get minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the regular bodily functions, including hair growth. Make sure that everything is taken is right amounts, however. Even if any good things are taken in excessive amount, the result can be bad. For instance, too much intake of vitamin E and vitamin A can lead to hair fall.

Frequent hairstyling using treatments which carry chemicals should also be avoided. Any chemicals applied to your hair can result in hair damage, loss and thinning. Of course, you can get a real boost in your confidence with proper hairstyling but you should not do it too often. Also, get to licensed beauticians to fulfill your hairstyling requirements in order to make sure any chemical treatments aren’t misused.

Using a good shampoo for hair loss also helps with your receding hairline problem. Any shampoo which has the capacity of helping against balding must contain DHT blocker such as saw palmetto or ‘nettle root extract.

You can also stop the receding hairline by massaging the scalp twice everyday with some essential oils such as lavender and thyme. These oils help in promoting the flow of blood to the scalp making sure that hair follicles receive nutrients that are necessary for them. These nutrients won’t just help your hair in growing faster but they will also make them healthier as well.