No Smoking Day and The Global Awareness Against Smoking


Inhaling and exhaling nicotine can not only be damaging for the smokers, but also for the non-smokers. Several preventive measures have been taken at various platforms to advice how one should be quitting to smoke. The initiative taken by the digital world on the No Smoking Day in United Kingdom has been exemplary. However, there’s still a lot that needs to be done in order to shrink usage of cigarettes not only from UK, but also from other parts of the world. According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has been estimated that the yearly consumption of cigarettes by an ordinary individual is more than 6200 cigarettes.

That’s quite a gigantic figure, and images the amount of nicotine that goes directly to the lungs of the human body with those 6200 cigarettes a year. Digital world, particularly the social circles are immensely involved in raising the global awareness of the hazards of smoking. Similarly, the importance of legislative measures at the governmental level can’t be neglected too. It’s significant that the legislative actions that have been taken by the governments against smoking must be highlighted. Recently, the legislation of the State of California is considering to pass a bill that should raise the minimum legal age of an individual to buy tobacco products from 18 years to 21 years.

This would’ve been a vital bill, and it has been expected that the bill will be passed into the law. One of the major reasons to pass this bill is because more than 90% of the smokers usually start smoking before the age of 21. The global awareness to limit smoking has also been observed at Hollywood, since many of the Hollywood celebrities including Jessica Alba and Emma Watson refused to smoke on the screen as described by the Ukmedix blog. Some of the other states are also willing to take crucial steps to diminish the usage of cigarette by enhancing the taxes on the tobacco products. The initiative of increases taxes on cigarettes can be a good move, but it also has been criticized by several critics about the true motive of increasing such taxes.

Alleviation of the existing budgeting shortfalls can be one of the prime reasons to increase such taxes that actually deviates the prime reason of raising the global awareness and health issues. Ukmedix health elaborates the significance of such measures taken with the right motives to attain desired outcomes. However, saving the health can also be resulting in saving of money since a huge amount of expenditure of an individual is directly associated with smoking. Therefore, such governmental initiatives can be criticized to a certain extent, but the ultimate outcomes can be multidimensional. Ukmedix not only emphasizes on the importance of raising awareness to quit smoking cigarettes, but also on the important aspect of living a healthier and a safer life. It’d be quite remarkable if such initiatives would ultimately lead to a safer world free from the harms of nicotine.